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What is so significant about that fish???

It is what it represents to Christians...A hidden meaning behind a simple symbol.

There are many symbols that Christians look to as representative of the Christian faith. Crosses of various forms seem to be the symbol of today. However, to the early Christians, it seems that the symbol of the fish surpassed all others. The figure of the fish was first drawn by early Christians as a secret mark of identity during times of persecution. 

   Fishes & Crosses

First half of fish Due to often severe times of persecution, the earliest followers of Jesus adopted a secret symbol (the fish - Ichthys). When encountering another traveler on the road or another citizen of the city, a Christian would begin "doodling" with his walking stick in the sand. Eventually, he would draw the first half of the fish. If the other traveler saw this and used his stick to complete the fish, the two would know that the other was a Christian. Pagans did not recognize it but believers would, thus many an early Christian was able to discern friend from foe.  Completed fish

But why the fish???

Greek Stuff  
Its popularity among Christians was due principally, it would seem, to the famous acrostic consisting of the initial letters of five Greek words forming the word for fish - Ichthys (IXOYE), which words briefly but clearly described the character of Christ and His claim to the worship of believers: Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter, i.e. Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour. Or - Jesus is the Christ, He is God's Son, He is our Saviour. The word IXOYE (Ichthys), then, as well as the representation of a fish, held for Christians a meaning of the highest significance; it was a brief profession of faith in the divinity of Christ, the Redeemer of mankind. 
Eng   Transliteration English
- Iesous Jesus
- Christos Christ
- Theou God's
- Yios Son
- Soter Savior

What it means

About the List


An e-mail list consists of a list of e-mail addresses that recieve a copy of every post (an e-mail letter) sent to the list address. Each in turn has an opportunity to respond to these posts with their own thoughts and submit them to the entire list for discussion. People not on the list cannot submit a post to it.

IXOYE is an open list for anyone with a sincere desire to discuss Christian issues with other Christians as it applies to daily living. The mission of this List is to provide a forum conducive to Christian growth by presenting Biblical truth in a loving manner to those with sincere concerns about their Christian walk.


*Larger association with others of like precious faith.
*Make new friends.
*Opportunity to share ideas and ask questions.
*Learn more of God's Word and it's application to our lives.
*Keep better informed of Christian issues.
*Share ideas related to Christianity.

We look forward to hearing from you on IXOYE. 



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